The Aughton Barratt Bullshit Starts Here

Do all developers who donate to political parties believe we are all naive? Barratt share price is the only factor, and the shares were downgraded recently. But that will be ignored. Building on top class farm land is easy, if it is allowed. Read the bullshit!

“Barratt Next steps and feedback

The emerging Local Plan Review is expected to be prepared by the Council over the coming months. David Wilson Homes is keen to work with the Council and other local stakeholders to refine the proposed development and maximise the benefits which it can provide.

“Safeguarding Green Belt!

The natural boundaries of the site, with an established wooded area to the east, will restrict future growth and ensure that future development will not affect the strategic Green Belt, now or in the future.

“A perfect ‘fit’ The site is ideally located, given that:

  • It is surrounded on three sides by existing development and infrastructure, and in an area where there is already planned housing growth. The site can help to achieve growth which enables new community facilities. 
  • It represents a logical ‘fit’ with the existing layout of homes in the area, and will not close the gap to Holt Green. 
  • It is to the south-east of the settlement, so it will not generate significant amounts of new traffic in the already congested town centre.
  • Development on this site will safeguard land to the north, which may be needed in the longer-term for the future growth of the University.  

“Suitability for development. The site does not have significant environmental or ecological constraints that would prevent delivery.

“Local benefits “We want to ensure that any forthcoming development also provides social, environmental and economic benefits for the wider community too.  Whilst still in development, the benefits arising from Little Moor Hall Gardens could include:  

  • Improvements to drainage infrastructure which resolves existing flood risks to properties at Parrs Lane and Prescot Road;
  • Road safety improvements around Town Green Primary School, including a new parking/drop-off area to resolve traffic issues.  We are also exploring the diversion of Prescot Road through the site to improve traffic flow. 
  • An expansion to local school facilities, including two new sports fields. 
  • New recreational facilities and areas of green space for local residents to enjoy, including a Country Park and an area of allotments. We anticipate that the school’s enhanced sports facilities would also be available for community use.  
  • New social infrastructure, such as a local community “hub” with services and facilities which are accessible to all and will encourage social interaction amongst older residents.

We are committed to delivering energy-efficient homes that are both economically and environmentally sustainable”.

As an older resident, the last thing I want is for some developer spiv to tell me what social interaction I need. We don’t need allotments, we don’t need a country park, we just need what we have, farming land being farmed. WLBC should dismiss this proposal without further consideration.

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