Aughtonians Aghast At Preposterous Planning Proposal

Barratt David Wilson “wants a vast development at Little Moor Hall Gardens, Aughton. David Wilson Homes is promoting the concept of a new, sustainable and inclusive residential-led community in Aughton through the West Lancashire local plan process. The purpose of this website is to share information about the proposal and to provide an opportunity to inform the proposals. 

“The Site…is clearly defined and bound on three sides by existing roads – Prescot Road (to the south), Parrs Lane (to the west) and Maltkiln Lane (to the north)- and by existing trees and vegetation to the east. The site is marked on the map in red.

“It is sustainably located, within a short walk of services and facilities in the village, including opposite Town Green Primary School, and both rail stations. 

“The site is adjacent to land already identified for future development. The adjacent land is marked on the map in orange. 

Aughton, with Ormskirk, is one of West Lancs’ “Key Service Centres” and together represent the second-largest settlement in the Borough. Whilst smaller than Skelmersdale, Aughton and Ormskirk are more than twice the size of Burscough.

As the administrative hub of the Borough, with major employers such as Edge Hill University and Ormskirk Hospital, Ormskirk and Aughton should be a focus for future housing and economic growth.

Such a focus would also capitalise upon and support the range of shops, facilities and services available in Ormskirk and Aughton, as well as the rail services into Liverpool and across Merseyside”.

Immediate local reaction? “This proposal is very similar to that submitted by Barratt David Wilson Homes in 2013 when it was REJECTED by WLBC when the current Local Plan was adopted. No doubt REDROW and WAINHOMES will have submitted their proposals for the sites on their original sites on the other side of Parrs Lane. If all 3 developments were allowed then that would entail a total of some 1000 homes being built. In other words Parrs Lane would be a thoroughfare through a giant housing estate.

Could any local politician, in this Tory area, support this appalling proposal? Whoever may stand in Aughton/Aughton Park in May 2021 might think long and hard about a manifesto that includes development of this fine agricultural land. Suicidal? Hopefully! There will be much bullshit around this proposal. Talk of facilities, services, infrastructure, will be minimal. Schools, health services, drains, all at stretching point in regularly flooded Aughton. Local manifestos should be against development of easily shovelled top class farming land by these grasping developers.

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