Courier Fraud Alert

The “Courier Fraudsters” are still active. Please be aware of a report of courier fraud we have received today. A gentleman in Lancaster was contacted by a fraudster purporting to be his bank, who advised him that there was fraud on his account. He was advised that to safely secure his account, he’d need to withdraw cash at the branch, which a courier would later collect. Thankfully, the bank managed to intercept this incident and no cash has been handed over.

Victims of courier frauds are usually asked to withdraw an amount of money, usually around £6,000, so that the numbers on the bank notes can be checked in line with the apparent investigation.

Offenders encourage victims to stay on the phone during the transaction, before taking the cash home where the caller confirms that it is needed to be seized. Within the next hour, a ‘courier’ attends the address to collect the bank notes, usually quoting an agreed password, in an attempt to appear legitimate.

We want to remind you that the police or the bank will never phone you and ask you to withdraw funds for inspection. They will never ask you to transfer funds to a safe account and they will also never send someone to collect cash, pins, cards or cheque books either.

We’re asking that the public remain vigilant to these types of frauds, report them to us immediately and share this message with friends, family and elderly or vulnerable relatives, who are often targeted. We’ll be doing all we can to intercept these incidents and bring the offenders to justice.

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