Extortionate Choices, Extortionate Demands

MP Rosie Cooper has condemned what she calls “Fire and Re-hire” by British Gas.

Rosie has been advised that Centrica may be intending to serve some employees with Section 188 notices, forcing them to either accept a contract on reduced terms or have their contracts terminated without redundancy.   

 “It is alarming to hear that bosses of large firms like British Gas would take such draconian measures against their own staff in the middle of the current crisis. I have been contacted by constituents who are desperately concerned at the extortionate choice being forced upon them”. 

It might well be draconian. But what about the extortion rackets, known as “council tax” that are forced upon us year in year out from LCC, WLBC, the PCC? Aren’t they draconian?

What about the BBC licence extortion racket? In February 2019 Rosie declared “Almost 7,000 constituents in West Lancashire benefit from the policy of not charging for TV licences to those over the age of 75. Many of these people are the most isolated and lonely in our society and for many the TV is their only source of company and key source of information.

“Hundreds of these pensioners would be plunged into poverty if this fee were to be introduced, or plunged into further isolation, which would be an absolute disgrace and a tragedy. The Conservatives made clear in their 2017 party manifesto their promise to protect the free TV licences for over 75s, but it seems clear that yet again, the promise was not worth the paper it was written on”.

Two years on, the BBC funded Crapita enforcers are knocking on pensioners’ doors, posting threatening letters, demanding enough money to pay outrageous wages to BBC staff. No more campaigning from Rosie, no more mileage in it! Are those hundreds of West Lancashire pensioners about to enter poverty and isolation without anyone caring? You bet they are!

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