Rosie Screws Driver? No Canoes For Skelmersdale

Prime Minister’s Questions 3rd February 2021

Rosie Cooper 

(West Lancashire) (Lab)

Skelmersdale residents believe that they are an island of forgotten people. It is a ’60s new town, with very poor public transport and one of the lowest levels of car and vehicle ownership. For many, the only means of getting to doctors, schools or shops or visiting loved ones is through some of the 87 underpasses, many of which flood every time there is rain. Will the right hon. Gentleman ask his officials to work with Lancashire County Council to find and fund a permanent—and I do mean permanent—solution, which does not involve providing canoes? 

The Prime Minister 

I appreciate the desire of the hon. Lady to find a solution. I am aware of the problem she refers to and the flooding in the tunnels. We will certainly work with Lancashire County Council to mitigate the problem—to sort it out. To repeat: we have the funds available and will make sure that it is done.

This follows the recent refusal of LCC Cllr Driver to fund the work. He is henceforth to be known in West Lancashire as LCC Cllr Drivel!

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