Ask A Simple Question? Receive A Snotty Answer!

WLBC Leader, Labour Cllr Ian Moran, asked a simple question of Tory LCC Leader Cllr Driver. “Could you please solve the everlasting problem of the flooded subways throughout Skelmersdale?”

Answer “Drainage in particular is a problem in the underpasses, there are problems unique to underpasses , they are the lowest points in the drainage system”…blah-blah…and much more bullshittery!

From which we might assume Cllr Driver gave the request to one of the LCC Flood Management Team apprentices, because even the LCC Flood Managers (Officer Class) would be aghast at the question. If LCC don’t do flood prevention on normal roads and gullies, why would they bother with underpasses!

James Upjohn will be an independent candidate as WLBC councillor in May after the 2020 elections were cancelled.

He wrote “Many of our subways/underpasses in Skelmersdale flood when we have heavy rain. Skelmersdale is designed for pedestrians to use our subways/underpasses with many areas not having footpaths above ground. When our subways are dirty, poorly lit and submerged in water it forces pedestrians onto busy main roads.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is floodunderskem.jpg

“This is an ongoing problem that MUST be resolved. If works are in progress, PLEASE put out an update to let residents know exactly what’s happening including timeframes. Residents have CONTINUALLY suffered for years and we’d like a proper solution.

“PLEASE let us know who is responsible so that we can pursue the right organisations and direct our frustrations accordingly”.

Simple enough. LCC is useless for West Lancashire residents and taxpayers. We should leave it at the earliest opportunity and keep our local taxes for local use. One thing we don’t need is this bumbling response from Preston.

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