Wise Comment On Culverts

“Culverts are only effective so long as they are regularly maintained. In order for that to happen, someone has to take ownership of them right from the off, to routinely inspect, clear and if necessary, repair.

“So the emphasis is on preventing catastrophic failure rather than trying to do a make do and mend job by the first company to blink when the worst happens.

“The elevated township that is Yew Tree Farm has culverts, and since the day they were built, I’ve wondered whether anyone has ever inspected them. Is any company tasked with maintenance, or has the builder just built them as a condition of the development, and then walked away whistling Dixie, not caring a scooby who is responsible for the upkeep of them?”.

They might, of course, be unfit for purpose? As are UU, developers, the LCC and WLBC officer classes, and those who are elected who turn a blind eye so long as they and the council coffers remain unfettered by the ignorant eyes of the duped public.

Culverts must be properly sized and installed, and protected from erosion and scrub. The purpose of constructing culverts is to prevent flooding. Effective culverts permit water to travel without interruption. When culverts are too small or poorly designed, they can interrupt the natural flow, hence flooding. Our dimwit officers don’t get it, or worse, do get it and ignore it!

As Winston Churchill quoted “We shape our buildings, thereafter they shape us”. So do culverts!



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