Building On The Greenbelt

From a letter “In the St Helens Star dated January 7, I read that plans for giant warehousing on greenbelt land were passed in October by St Helens Council. This would use 75 hectares of arable farmland in the Bold area, with the loss of woodland and trees.

“I then read that under the Trees for Climate programme run by The Mersey Forest organisation that 40 hectares of new woodland is to be planted. They want landowners to release land for tree planting, targeting areas in St Helens where they can make the greatest difference because they have shown that trees and woodlands boost the economy, reduce flooding, creating new habitats for wildlife and therefore increase community spirit. A £12m grant will enable this.

“How can St Helens Council, on the one hand, pass plans for the destruction of great areas of woodland and green belt, whilst on the other, Mersey Forest Organisation is actively working and using a great deal of money to expand these areas?

“It seems unbelievable madness to me. Let’s hope the Planning Inspector has more sense than St Helens Council”.

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