Historic Ormskirk To Be Excitingly Modernised

We are working on exciting plans for parts of Ormskirk town centre with @LancashireCC and you can have your say on our proposals in our consultation from Mon 25 Jan. Visit http://westlancs.gov.uk/easterngateway to learn more about our great project and how to give your views”.

Do we really have to work with Lancashire County Council, whose services, eg drains, sewage, roads, to this borough are frankly appalling?

1 thought on “Historic Ormskirk To Be Excitingly Modernised

  1. stodgey

    Eh up, it’s another ‘Have Your Say’ shtick from the PR Dept, BS Division at Council HQ. I’ll pass thanks, gave up having my say during the great ‘Yew Tree Farm Stitch-up’. And anyway, I’ve already had my say regarding Ormskirk’s appalling GBH treatment by a Councillor Cabal who nowadays never actually appear to listen to any council at all.

    Unlike the good old day….. Who could forget the Tall Flowers Fiasco – metal monstrosities that were scheduled to be liberally sprinkled about the centre at a cost of 45 grand? That was around 17, 18 years ago – the head honcho at the time described it as ‘an exciting art project which would grace the town’…… Everyone else thought it a horrible waste of money and a classic example of town hall hubris. Amongst others, I wrote a letter to the Advertiser, explaining how Orme, the town’s Viking founder would be turning in his funeral pyre on his funeral boat if he could see what an utter pig’s ear the council had made of Ormskirk. I suggested that if they must spend the money, a statue of Orme might be be appropriate – or better still, some interpretive stuff about William Shakespeare’s historic links with Ormskirk (an open goal predictably missed by our really crap council). For the next edition, I sent a scribble in of what the statue might look like, they came round and took a pic of me holding it which made the edition. The hated metal flower things project was quietly dropped. The council didn’t actually ask for us to have our say, but we had it anyway….. I guess it was in the days before ‘having your say’ was dreamt up by a red bracered PR guy as a way of ignoring the wishes of the public, then?


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