Laughing Gas At Beacon Park

Four people caught inhaling laughing gas in a car told police they were “just chilling”.

A group of people from different households were caught breaking lockdown rules by sitting in a car together and inhaling nitrous oxide, telling police they were “just chilling”.

The quartet were rumbled by police when they were found in the same vehicle parked at The Beacon countryside park in Skelmersdale, Lancashire Police said. The result? Fixed Penalty Notices for lockdown rule breaking!

Meanwhile The Police and Crime Commissioner’s preferred candidate as the next chief constable of Lancashire Constabulary, has been backed by the county’s Police and Crime Panel. 

Chris Rowley, who will replace current Chief Constable Andy Rhodes in the spring, went through a thorough recruitment process that included key partners and stakeholders.

During the Police and Crime Panel’s confirmation hearing, Mr Rowley was asked questions about the role, his experience to date and the future of the force under his leadership. He talked about his vision for Lancashire Constabulary going forward, the importance of strong collaborative working, and ensuring all our communities have a voice whilst delivering an effective, efficient service which supports victims of crime, makes our area safer and delivers value for money.

He has been Deputy Chief Constable of Humberside Police since 2017

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