Urgent Action Needed By Royal Mail Bosses In Ormskirk

Press Release – Councillor Adrian Owens

“Royal Mail bosses need to get a grip of the situation at the local Ormskirk office says a councillor for the town.  He was speaking after residents contacted him about the Covid outbreak in the office and the resulting lack of post deliveries.

Councillor Adrian Owens said “My first thoughts are for the staff who have come down with Covid-19 at the Ormskirk Royal Mail office and for their families; also for their colleagues who have had to self-isolate as a result.  Several numbers have been mentioned to me, but whatever the precise figure, it seems that a very large percentage of the mail staff at the office are now off work as a result of this cruel virus. 

“Bosses need to ask how so many staff had to self-isolate after the first cases were announced.  Other Royal Mail offices haven’t seen the same disruption.  Management are supposed to ensure controls are in place so that staff are kept apart as much as possible.  They have a duty to their staff to keep them safe.

Councillor Owens then turned to the impact on mail deliveries, saying “Now, though the knock-on effect is that residents are contacting me expressing concern that they haven’t received any post for 10 days.  Not everyone uses email or looks at social media.  Many older people in particular could have critical mail relating to health matters held up in the post.  It’s time the local management at Ormskirk Royal Mail employed additional temporary staff to clear the backlog.  It’s not fair on those staff still at work or returning shortly from illness or isolation to shoulder the whole burden and residents need to receive a half-decent service”.

“I have written to complain to the Royal Mail.  I understand some residents have also complained to our MP and I trust that she will investigate fully what is going on and get Royal Mail to get their act together” he concluded.

Coincidentally, readers may be aware the Leader of the West Lancashire Borough Council Ian Moran

is the CWU Political Officer North West No1 Branch, who Joined Royal Mail as a postman in 1991 where he is still a full time Postman, a member of the Communication Workers Union since 1991 and a Union Rep since 1996. He’s probably a reliable source for the facts as they affect post deliveries in Ormskirk?

NB from the CWU on 12th January “We’ve seen some people today digging out postal workers due to a delay in mail arriving. Our members are working their arses off under incredible pressure at an unprecedented time. They deserve better than cheap jibes. Get behind your local postie”.

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