“What Price Democracy?”

Cllr Azhar Ali the Labour Group Leader at Lancashire County Council is calling for all voters to be sent an early voting postal vote application form with a return envelope now.

“Elections are the foundation of our democracy and people should not have to choose between voting and their health. People have a right to vote safely and early postal voting will enable them to do that. People can already put in for a postal vote, however many people believe this is still on medical grounds or being absent during voting time, which is no longer the case. In order to overcome any confusion every voter should be sent an early voting postal vote form by their local council along with a pre-paid return envelope so they can choose to use a postal vote.”

And “The cost of the extra safeguards that will be required in the election should not fall on local tax payers. The government should step up and provide the extra funding”.

Where do they get these people? So the costs should fall on national tax payers then? Who are probably the same local tax payers!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is postalvote1.jpg

And while we are at it, isn’t malpractice a regular feature of our postal voting system? Wasn’t there an election court convened in Birmingham that found five men guilty of large-scale electoral fraud, involving thousands of postal ballots, a few years ago? A case in Bradford? Doesn’t sound like democracy to me. “None of the above” becomes the best option!

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