Innovative Road Improvement Programme

Residents of New Cut Lane and Segars Lane Halsall have been complaining for more years than they can remember regarding the deteriorating state of the road surface, its undulating and dangerous dips due to poor foundations and land slippage, raised drain and manhole covers and of course not forgetting the numerous potholes along its entire length.

But at last motorists need worry no more as Lancashire County Council Highways has taken heed of the concerns and this week have acted accordingly in finally investing into a sustainable, long lasting yet innovative solution to tackle the dangers by providing the long suffering motorist with…a new sign!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image.png

Obviously this cost effective and vital road improvement initiative has been warmly welcomed by all vehicle users and local residents alike, special praise must be given to our Southern Division County Councillor David O’Toole, the County Councillor for Highways Keith Iddon and all the Highways staff for their hard work and efforts in gaining funding for this essential road improvement upgrade!

Road signs of this type can last many years if not decades, providing cost savings for all council tax payers in Lancashire as a quick, disruption free method to much needed road improvements.

Pity that LCC Highways didn’t think of such an innovative maintenance solution recently on Winifred Lane Aughton, unfortunately Aughton roads merely get repaired and re surfaced rather than new signage or perhaps that’s down to where your County Councillor lives rather than serves?

No doubt other parts of Cllr O’Toole’s division may be praying for much needed road improvements similar to Aughton’s but may only get a new sign highlighting the deficiencies of this Council and its Councillors or perhaps some may hoping for a rather different type of “bumpy road” ahead for some during the next local elections?

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