Golf Course Furlough Fiddles

As it is reported that Wentworth Golf Course’s Chinese £9billionaire owner receives hundreds of thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money in furlough cash, we recall how the personal details of wealthy member tycoons, sports stars and celebrities including Michael Parkinson, Kevin Pietersen and Anton Du Beke, were apparently stolen in a cyber attack on England’s most prestigious golf club.

Not that, we hasten to add, this has happened at the Beacon Park Golf Club, which is now, having lost most of its members, proclaiming its expertise in cooking and growing house plants! I kid you not! From its website, how to cook Easy Bean Chilli and “Happy Houseplants”

Keen eyes will spot the comment from Paul Muir “How’s the golf course????”. And the adverts for Berrington Hall Golf Club, Hindley Hall Golf Club, Hart Common Golf Club, and Mossock Hall Golf Golf Club Members, all having recruited former members from Beacon Park Golf Club.

We wish Serco Leisure Operating Ltd and West Lancashire Borough Council every success in these new ventures, but having watched the gradual, continual, appalling, decline by landfill greed over seven years of the Beacon Park Golf Course, we doubt its chances.

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