Tax Dodgers Should Be Despised

  they’re stealing from us all.

“Tax fraud steals funding from our vital public services” states HM Revenue & Customs. One day all of the £billions being spent fighting the pandemic are going to have to be repaid, and it will be all of us as taxpayers who foot the bill.

So now seems like a good time to start shaming the business cheats who fiddle the system to line their own pockets. Sadly, there are loads of them, with tax offences being the most common reason for someone being banned from being a director.

Right on our own doorstep though, West Lancashire Borough Council wasn’t diligent enough to find the VAT fraudsters, the directors of the companies awarded contracts/planning for the Beacon Park Golf Course. Readers know of DCT Leisure Ltd and Oakland Golf & Leisure Ltd and their VAT fraudulent directors, and the resultant landfill royalty scandal.

Insolvency Service figures for the last financial year show that out of 1,346 director disqualifications, more than half of the total, 711 cases were for “unfair treatment of the Crown”, in other words, HM Revenue and Customs. “Unfair treatment of the Crown can range from cases where a director had made a conscious decision to pay other creditors and not HM Revenue and Customs, to cases where a director has defrauded or attempted to defraud HM Revenue and Customs” says the latest Insolvency Service annual report.

Since 2016 HMRC has prosecuted 4,123 people and last year raised an extra £5billion by tackling non-compliance. Now drink-drivers are rightly despised and the same should go for anyone who deprives the country of money that could pay for doctors, nurses, ventilators and vaccines.

Locally, Jane Roscoe was a director of Linxs First Choice Scaffolding of Skelmersdale, which submitted false VAT returns over three years, leaving the taxman owed £292,087. The company also owed £22,665 in respect of Corporation Tax, £13,963 for PAYE and £1,461 for penalties and interest. Ms Roscoe has been banned from being a director for six years. In fact the company was dissolved.

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