Poor Catch By Fishing Minister

Boris Johnson has backed the under-fire Fisheries Minister after she admitted not reading the Brexit trade deal because she was busy organising a Nativity trail at Christmas.

Victoria Prentis has faced calls for her to quit after the comments, but the Prime Minister is standing by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) minister.

The revelation today came after delays shipping goods to the EU, with the Scottish fish exporters warning that prices are “collapsing” due to the problems.

Asked if her jaw had dropped when she saw the deal with the EU on Christmas Eve, Ms Prentis told the Lords EU Environment Sub-Committee “No, the agreement came when we were all very busy on Christmas Eve, in my case organising the local Nativity trail.

“We had been waiting and waiting, it looked like it was coming for probably four days before it actually arrived. I, for one, had gone through, as I’m sure members of this committee had, a gamut of emotions over those four days”.

A Number 10 spokesperson said that the Prime Minister had confidence in Ms Prentis to organise local Nativity trails. His problem is that nobody else does? Meanwhile Jacob Rees-Mogg has said fish were “happier” now that they’re fully “British”.

We predict Ms Prentis has a future as Under-Minister for Nativity Trails.

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