Boris Bullshittery

It comes as no surprise that Downing Street has defended the Prime Minister‘s 80-year-old father for receiving two doses of Covid vaccine within three weeks, despite others having to wait 12 weeks between jabs.

Stanley Johnson sparked outrage when he revealed he was getting his second and final dose of the jab despite only getting his first 21 days earlier, on December 18. Speaking on Good Morning Britain Stanley revealed “I had my first jab on December 18 and three weeks on is today and I’m very much looking forward to it. I don’t have to go far “. 

But No 10 defended the move, claiming Stanley was in the “first wave” of recipients to receive both jabs before the rules changed. It is pertinent to ask how long the first wave lasted. Yet people older than Stanley Johnson, in the supposed “first wave” didn’t receive the second dose.

To accelerate the rollout of the vaccine, the Government recently opted to extend the gap between the first and second jab to 12 weeks to allow it to be administered to a greater number of people.

As an example, a resident of West Lancashire, almost 82, attended for the first vaccine dose on December 20. He provides proof here.

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He was told just two days before the second dose it was cancelled but instead to attend when recalled within 12 weeks. It is good to know we are all in this together, just some more so than others.

As ever. “You will have the best protection after two doses”, whenever!

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