Operation Bleach

Boris Johnson has secretly ordered civil servants to strip references to the European Union from tens of thousands of laws to stop Labour reversing Brexit after the next general election in a plan known by some in Whitehall as “Operation Bleach”. Officials have been tasked with leafing through regulations and statutory instruments (SIs) covering the UK’s 40 year membership of the EU so that Brexit is cemented in UK law and cannot be easily unwound by a future government.

The news comes just days after the European Research Group of Conservative MPs, in its verdict on the UK-EU post Brexit trade deal, warned that ministers would have to be “robust” in ensuring that Britain is not gradually re-assimilated back into the influence of Brussels by future administrations.

It’s thought that West Lancashire Borough Council has operated a similar policy about the Beacon Park Golf Course landfill royalty swindle. Bleaching as many references as it can to Serco Leisure Operating Ltd, Oakland Golf and Leisure Ltd and its director Jonathan Russell Snellgrove, both given planning permission by WLBC and now actively safeguarded by WLBC under its “vexatiousness policy” and its “regularisation” of the no right of appeal Breach of Condition Notice Planning Ref E/2015/0223/BCN that took effect six months after issue on 16th May 2018.

What WLBC can’t bleach out is the photographic and physical evidence seen every day since the Beacon Park Golf Course was abandoned to these cowboy companies and now witnessed internationally on video by over 53,000 viewers on Golf Mates. What goes around comes around?

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