No Charity In Ormskirk?

Roger Blaxall reports and posts photographs on Ormskirk QLocal how charity seemed to be in short supply as the Freshfields bookshop finally, and sadly, disappeared.

He wrote “A run in with a traffic warden marked the last chapter of a popular Ormskirk charity book shop yesterday. Freshfields – leaving after 15 years due to the cost of rent in the town centre – was told to move its collection van with another delivery driver quizzed as to why he was parking outside the Moor Street shop by a parking warden employed by the county council.

“Staff at the shop thought they had the correct permission from the borough council to park as they emptied its stock of books, magazines, records and CD’s from the shop”.

It seems most ironic to see the van

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is vantree.png

parked by a Borough Council Christmas Tree now devoid of seasonal lights attracting the attention of a County jobsworth traffic warden who refused to confirm his name was Scrooge!   

Compare him with Dickinson Parker Hill Solicitors, who once again pledged their support to Freshfields Animal Rescue during last November’s Charity Wills Month. It’s never an easy subject to bring up, but if you are thinking of making or updating your will, please consider Dickinson Parker Hill. They will be raising funds for Freshfields and Ormskirk Civic Hall during November. Michael Prendergast, Partner and Notary Public at DPH, explains how it works. “Rather than paying us for the preparation of your will, we ask that you make a donation to our chosen charities and in exchange we prepare your will for you”.

And don’t forget to buy your dog some

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