It’s All A Matter Of Manners

You know you’ve hit a bureaucratic nerve when you receive a message from the “Business Support Officer in the Senior Leadership Team Support Office of the Chief Executive of Lancashire County Council”.

And still hitting LCC nerves is Gavin Rattray

of the Burscough Flooding Group  who politely pilloried [as against skewered] a senior LCC leader earlier this month for having been armed with false information, and had suggested “As nothing in the public’s interest seems to come from it, the Flood Risk Management Authorities (FRMA) should stop meeting in secret shouldn’t they?”

Gavin Rattray, who has an abundance of good manners, has been told by said BSOSLTSOoftheCELCC

“Thank you for your email which has been received by Stephen Young, who has asked the relevant officers to further investigate the matters raised. We will respond as soon as possible”. 

His pithy response? “My previous email was not a complaint merely a statement of facts that you don’t seem to be aware of. Please don’t raise a complaint or undertake an internal investigation, nothing can come of it but a waste of LLFA resources badly needed for flood victims.

“The LLFA, having earlier been reminded that we had a voice recording of our meeting on the 11th October 2016 and been presented with a copy of BFGs constitution dated July 2016, met with BFG on the 15/11/2018. During the meeting, the LLFA stated that it re-recognised BFG as the FLAG and it would now also use our flooding information, which it had previously rejected for the S19 report for the Boxing Day 2015 floods in Burscough. We accepted that apology. The LLFA then asked that we should all move on and the issues would not be discussed again. We agreed with the proviso that they would be brought up again by BFG at times when required. My previous email to you along with this email are BFG’s response to one of those times.

“The need for you to make an apology to MP Rosie Cooper was a suggestion as a matter of manners. Hopefully EFRAC have started on a path that will eventually ensure that no politician or party can routinely control the circulation or content of flooding reports”.

As we suggest, it’s a matter of manners, and good manners are said to “maketh the man”? [Possibly derived from the works of William Horman circa 1440 who wrote “Vulgaria”, a book bearing that Latin title. No sexism implied!]

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