Saturday Satire. Did We Leave The EU Yet?

£22billion still has to be paid to the EU as part of the so-called “Divorce Bill”. This money will be paid over a number of years until around 2060. There has been no comment on this from No 10! This money will even contain £10billion to pay for the pensions of EU officials including Michel Barnier, Jean Claude Juncker and former UK Commissioners like Lord Peter Mandelson, the Lord and Lady Kinnock, Patten, Tugendhat, Ashton, and probably more than I can remember. The ‘Gravy Train’ really does never stop!

Our fishing waters are still compromised with a five-and-a-half-year Transition Period created and full renegotiation scheduled for the end of this time. What is of great concern is the fact this renegotiation is tied to the trade deal as a whole, therefore if the UK does not hand over an acceptable level of access to our waters the EU can implement compensatory tariffs on UK Goods or in extreme scenarios, they could terminate the entire Trade Agreement.

Many fishing disputes are still left unresolved. The EU is currently rejecting a wide variety of UK-caught fish and shellfish if they do not have the right certificates. This is ridiculous, as French vessels are catching the same products right next to UK vessels, so this is a deliberate frustration, particularly by the French. It appears even fish need passports now!

This Agreement creates huge swathes of new bureaucracy, including 19 joint EU/UK separate sub-committees which have the power to make binding decisions on both the UK and the EU. Decisions must be unanimous, but they are legally binding and require NO VOTES in Parliament. Hardly Sovereign decision making!

The new Agreement restricts the UK from offering shipbuilding contracts to only UK companies meaning we will still be unable to kick start the UK economy by giving our full support to a “Build British” campaign.

We created filthy rich EU commissioners who now sit in the House of Lards on huge attendance allowances. We must be mad!

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