Covid Marshall Aid

Do you remember being told that Covid marshals in towns and city centres in England are one way the government wants to ensure social distancing rules are followed? The idea was for Covid marshals to advise and support members of the public and businesses on following social distancing rules. “They cannot enforce the rules, but it is hoped they will take some pressure off police and council officers, who do have powers”.

Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick said it was never the idea to have people on the streets in every neighbourhood wearing Covid marshal uniforms.

Included in the “Funding Allocations- Local Authority Compliance and Enforcement Grant” was West Lancashire, receiving £54,271. Does anyone know how that cash was spent? Because it seems a Local Council survey shows 70% of cash recipients saying they either had no marshals, no plans to introduce them, or were waiting for further guidance from central government.

Police responses suggested “Any help is good help but what I’d like to understand is what actually is their role, what are we asking them to do? Because if they don’t actually have any powers, you know what Joe Public will do very quickly. When the stick needs to be wielded then you need to have the ability to wield it. Are they for parks, are they for enclosed areas? I just don’t know, no-one knows”.

What happened to £54,271 given to West Lancashire? Perhaps they have used the money as prescribed?

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