Some Idiots Are More Equal Than Others

as “rights” boss visits her second home. She was “doing a Cummins”.

The head of the Equality and Human Rights Commission has apologised after police ordered her to leave her second home in Wales on Christmas Day for breaching lockdown rules.

Rebecca Hilsenrath was spoken to by officers on two occasions after concerns were raised about her presence in Llanegryn, Gwynedd, by locals.

Ms Hilsenrath and her husband, who had travelled the previous week, agreed on the second occasion to leave within 24 hours, returning to their home in Hertfordshire on Christmas Day.

Yesterday Ms Hilsenrath, a lawyer who has run the EHRC for five years, apologised and said that she had been unaware she was breaching Welsh government guidelines.

The Times understands that members of the EHRC board are considering whether she has brought it into disrepute. It should take them no longer than 30 seconds before turfing her out! Her salary in 2019 was circa £170,000 including pension rights. Overpaid? Maybe, as are the majority in public posts we all pay for in taxes. Just look at the Lancashire County Council salaries in the published accounts!

Meanwhile, there is much ado about impact assessments, or a lack of one, relating to the new Health Protection Regulations, courtesy of Matt Hancockup!

Does it all matter? After all, Dr John Lee, a former professor of pathology, says there are no excess deaths caused by Covid according to the latest mortality figures, adding that they are “within the envelope of what normally happens this time of year”. No surprise to read he is considered by some to be a clever idiot.  

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