A Tribute To The NHS

Dr Kevin Fong

consultant anaesthetist and national clinical adviser to NHS England’s emergency preparedness resilience and response team for Covid-19, on being asked if NHS services could be overwhelmed said “Am in awe of the NHS teams I work with. They’re out at full stretch right now but still brilliant and relentless every single day, 24/7. What lies ahead might be the toughest few weeks in the history of the NHS, but we can do this.

“You can believe me that the hospitals are full, or you can believe people who are sitting at a keyboard who’ve never put on a shred of PPE and never seen the inside of an intensive care unit. I think what we’ve got coming up now are the most dangerous four to six weeks of the whole pandemic and we need this last push to get us through, and we need everybody’s help to help choke off the supply of these cases coming through.

“I spent my Christmas moving patients around from hospital to hospital trying to find spare beds that we can park them into, and I have been embedded with the Covid-19 response since March”.

Coronavirus data has been mapped using “Middle layer Super Output Areas” of hyper local areas with an average population of 7,200 people. Using coronavirus testing data from Public Health England, cases of the virus have been mapped using these “hyper local areas” to document infection rates on a neighbourhood-by-neighbourhood level. Lancashire now has only nine neighbourhoods with infection rates lower than 150.

Of interest locally are Aughton, people tested positive by specimen date, seven days to 31 December 2020, 31 new cases, rate per 100k resident population 386.7; Ormskirk North & West with 540.8 (45 new cases), up 12.5%; Skelmersdale Ashurst  473.7 (28 new cases), up 47.4%; Skelmersdale West 437.2 (28 new cases), up 133.3%; Up Holland 436.6 (33 new cases), up 106.2%; Skelmersdale Central 432.3 (38 new cases), up 58.3%; Bickerstaffe & Newburgh 106.7 (7 new cases), no change; Burscough  171.9 (16 new cases), up 23.1%.

Have you ever seen a more moving picture than that above ?Another special moment…mother & daughter on Xmas day helping to care for Critically ill patients…they have had ups & downs, laughed & cried together since March“. They deserve medals and double the pay they earn!

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