Saturday Satire On Storm Flooding Relief

In a truly remarkable defiance of the “authorities”, also known as publicly elected politicians and publicly paid officials, one of the worst, regularly,  affected by flooding West Lancashire communities, has shown the will to win.

The Burscough Residents Flooding Group didn’t, and won’t, figure in any awards from the “authorities”. Their reward is success. And it comes as no surprise that sharing, and funding, the success is Burscough Town Council (BTC). Oh that we all had “Town Councils” with the balls to do what BTC has done.

“A flood relief scheme is about to be completed for seven homes near the rail crossing on Crabtree Lane in Burscough. The scheme consists of a 12” and a 24” drain which take excess surface water flowing from two points of Crabtree Lane and pipe it into a drainage ditch running across the Wilson’s farmland and then into the Alt Crossens Drainage network. The scheme will approximately triple the surface water drainage capacity in storms.

“The scheme is the result of a broad community effort by Burscough Town Council (BTC), the Wilson family, Burscough Flooding Group (BFG) and the installing contractor. BTC funded the scheme and took a close interest throughout. The Wilson’s gave the necessary permissions and gave design advice to BFG and practical help to the drainage contractor. BFG designed and priced the scheme.

“Let us hope that the residents of this part of Crabtree Lane won’t see any more of the frequent flooding incidents which have marred their lives”.

Isn’t this story about how and why communities defy the party politicians and the officials residing in the comfort of the ivory towers we all pay for? We can quote the commitments these people owe us for the privileges they receive. But it’s a waste of time. They know better. Until along comes the admirable, stubborn, Burscough Residents Flooding Group, setting a precedent.

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