Second Pfizer Vaccine Delay

From Dr Katrina Farrell. Haematologist. PhD Defender of the NHS. Left leaning. Pro-independence.

Just received this email cancelling my 2nd dose of the Pfizer vaccine. On the basis of UK government guidance yesterday. This means that the vaccine is not being delivered as licensed. I DID NOT consent to receive an off-label drug with NO evidence of benefit with a single dose“.

In support of Dr Farrell from Dr Taryn Youngstein “So second Pfizer vaccine delayed. Then if there is none left by 12 weeks – you *may* then get Oxford. There is literally zero data to support this whatsoever. I don’t recall being recruited to a clinical trial when vaccinated”.

Meanwhile it is reported “UPDATE: Thread “JCVI advises that the second vaccine dose should be with the same vaccine as for the first dose. Switching between vaccines or missing the second dose is not advised as this may affect the duration of protection”.

It’s a buggers muddle, with lives at risk!

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