We Now Have A Hostile Foreign Power On Our Doorstep?

John Redwood MP

“The Government are right to take back control and to recreate our sovereignty in the United Kingdom. We do not just want legal sovereignty; we also want practical sovereignty…”

“I have a couple of worries about this agreement. The first is fishing. One of the great prizes of Brexit is to recapture control of our fishing stocks and to rebuild our coastal communities and our fishing industry. Will the Government today promise to legislate immediately to prevent pulse fishing and over-large trawlers, which are doing enormous damage to our marine environment and to our fish stocks?”

“I am also worried about the position in Northern Ireland. To what extent is our sovereignty damaged or impaired by the special relationships and special provisions of the withdrawal Act? I thought they were going to be changed in this latest agreement with the EU”.

Owen Paterson MP

“It will take real political determination to get fish back in five and a half years’ time when we think that in the channel, for instance, the EU will be going down on cod only from 91% to 90.75%, when it [the EU] should be on 25% according to zonal attachment. We will need real determination.

“I would love to vote for the Bill today, but I really cannot vote for a measure that divides the United Kingdom. Northern Ireland will have a different tax regime and, as part of the customs union, it will be under the ECJ, the Single Market and so on”.

Boris Johnson MP

“By signing this deal, we fulfill the sovereign wish of the British people to live under their own laws, made by their own elected Parliament”.


“On this last day as a colony of the EU, however, it is perhaps a good moment to reflect on the real challenges we face as a result of the EU’s Withdrawal Agreement (which remains in place) and the wholly unprecedented impositions placed on the UK by the ‘Trade and Cooperation Agreement’ now an international treaty.

“As we have pointed out many times, those who inhabit the Brussels corridors are ideological extremists working for their vision of an EU superstate, subsuming all individual European nations into one and governed by technocrats from the centre”. For the EU it’s not enough that tomorrow: It rules a sovereign part of the United Kingdom: Northern Ireland; Its access to the UK’s sovereign territorial waters will continue as part of this deal; The UK has granted access to the EU’s financial firms whilst the EU has not reciprocated; The EU has locked in its massive surplus in goods trade, whilst offering nothing for UK services (80% of our economy); The UK must stick to EU standards on the environment, climate change, carbon pricing, human rights, social rights, labour rights, tax transparency, and State aid.

“No, none of these things will be enough. Not for the EU. For them, the United Kingdom must not succeed as a free, independent, and sovereign country. To allow this to happen would be to allow the peoples of other European countries to see a brighter future outside the EU, and to have hope. All hope must be extinguished”.

Remember this, that the EU’s trade surplus with UK topped £1 TRILLION in 20 years from year 2000. No wonder we were referred to as “Treasure island”!

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