West Lancashire Borough Council Folk Law

In the famous Gavin Rattray “First Tier Tribunal victory decision over West Lancashire Borough Council” it was stated by the Judge that “The Council Also Places Reliance On An Anonymous Social Media Post Dated 4 October 2018 By The West Lancashire Record entitled “If At First You Don’t Succeed, Become Vexatious”.

And in due course WLBC itself became vexatious, with a vexatious octogenarian in an anorak,

and his MP. Nothing too remarkable, you might think. It’s generally supposed that older, senior, people become irritable. The vast majority of the Beacon Park Golf Seniors Club became so irritated by the landfill for royalty, still heaped and muddy, seven years after landfill first arrived, they left to play golf on proper golf courses. Some, sarcastically, congratulated Serco Leisure Operating Limited and WLBC on their amazing skills in golf course management.

And all the while, WLBC, in June 2020, was stating “I can confirm that WLBC are currently in the process of finalising a contract extension with Serco that covers all WLBC facilities including Beacon Park Golf Course…designed to enable the Council…finalise the re-profiling of Beacon Park Golf Course and to consider future operational models”…one with few golf members?

Are you wondering just what marriage vows keep WLBC and Serco Leisure Operating Ltd tied together so tightly? I know I am. Perhaps 50,079 viewers of the Golf Mates video are too?

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