Did You Hear About Liverpool Based P14 Medical And Its Recent £276million Capital Worth?

Incorporated 10 August 2017. Company number 10911187. The Plaza, 100 Old Hall Street, Liverpool, England, L3 9QJ. Current Directors Kate Dechan, Stephen Douglas Dechan, Jeremy Lawrence. Nature of business (SIC) 32500 – Manufacture of medical and dental instruments and supplies 82990 – Other business support service activities not elsewhere classified. Statement of capital £100. Shareholdings Kate Biggs 10 ordinary, Stephen Dechan 90 ordinary.

From Byline Times

“A company, owned by a former Conservative councillor, that specialises in supplying equipment for people with chronic pain was awarded sizeable Government contracts for the supply of gowns and masks.

“Steve Dechan, who resigned as a Conservative councillor in August amid scrutiny over the contracts, told TheSunday Times that he was “chuffed to bits” about the recent success of his firm.

“Dechan confirmed that he has subsequently been able to buy a £1.5 million, 17th Century Cotswolds mansion and pay himself a substantial salary. Defending the work of P14 Medical, he said “We’ve absolutely done this on merit. We’ve sent things by plane, by train, by ship. We’re delivered everything we were asked to deliver”.

“The company made a loss of almost £500,000 last year and Dechan says that the firm had been struggling for a number of years”.

Mr Dechan told the BBC “We are an expert company that has been in medical supplies for eight years including PPE that has managed to deliver on a big contract that the ‘big companies’ could not. I only know a couple of MPs through local campaigning on issues, only met ministers (no current ones) on [general election] campaign trails. Never discussed PPE”.

“The Directors consider that the Company is entitled to exemption from audit under section 477 of the Companies Act 2006”.

Draw your own conclusions! Was it ever intended that vast fortunes would be made by individuals at the expense of those who could die of coronavirus?

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