Meet James Upjohn, Again

Back in May we wrote about an intruder into the Ashurst Skelmersdale Labour comfort zone. An independent candidate was on the scene, and making many friends and supporters, he was James Upjohn.

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“Meet James Upjohn who had published a manifesto for the May 2020 local elections, only for the coronavirus to delay him for a year”.

James Upjohn didn’t go away. He’s been active in many ways. For a recent example, in the past 2 weeks, he, his colleague Dave Beeston, and Cllr Yvonne Gagen have been driving around Skelmersdale with their cars covered in Christmas lights. “I had the idea to try to spread some Christmas Cheer in an otherwise rubbish year” he said.

“Nativities, carol concerts etc cancelled, no one was feeling festive and so I thought I’d wrap my car in lights, turn the car speakers to maximum, blast out some Christmas songs and drive in and out of all of the estates of Skelmersdale & Upholland. Dave Beeston an admin man at Skem First joined in right away, and a few days later Yvonne joined in too. We used a tank and a half of fuel, spent £100 on inverters and lights each, drove in and out of 180 different estates and were waved and cheered by thousands of residents.

“It was a difficult two weeks in terms of planning routes, getting the word out and also driving the length and breadth of Skem and Upholland but to see the look on all the faces of people both young and old…and we’d do it all over again, in a heartbeat!

“This is why I’m standing as a local councillor, I want to connect with local residents, I want to lift them when they are feeling low and I want to make them smile and know they are cared about and thought about”.

Based on what we know, you’d want James Upjohn as your councillor, independent of the party politicians, making his own mind up for residents? Of course you would. And if this rotten pandemic allows, in May 2021 Ashurst will elect him.

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