Four Politicians In The Labour Halsall Bed?

Residents of Halsall have received what may be the first 2021 political “Greetings Card” to get Labour off to a flying start for the May 2021 local elections. “There are four in the bed and the little one said roll over” as current Cllr Maureen Mills, MP Rosie Cooper, Police & Crime Commissioner Clive Grunshaw, and former Birch Green Cllr Claire Cooper sent the card.

Perhaps Cllr Maureen Mills is rolling over, to allow Claire Cooper to have a run at the seat? As we reported in 2019 she stated “Please accept apologies for not acknowledging mention and follows. I was deselected as a councillor at the weekend in a particularly nasty process”. 

Has nastiness been forgiven and forgotten? Perhaps it has. But will Halsall vote her back onto the WLBC? Or will they want a Halsall candidate? It has to be said, we’ve had a WLBC Cllr who didn’t turn up for six months yet received council tax funding to retain her seat, and a WLBC Cllr living/working  in London and being useless for Aughton & Downholland.

Perhaps enough is enough? Will the Halsall public just say “sod off” and vote for “none of the above” in May 2021?

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