The Beacon Park Golf Course From Golf Mates

There have been 47,707 views, and 1,022 comments, one of which From Fanny Leroux “So, I have to say, it’s Skelmersdale not skemsdale. The accusations are really good, alas, it’s not based on fact. The 4.5 million pounds doesn’t exist, that is a made up figure. Also, council income is spent in the council, not just the golf course. You miss out about the new kids parks right next to the golf bar, or the dog watering area outside. Yes the golf course is a muddy mess, it’s December! So, lovely story, but that’s what it is, a story”.

For the record, what can’t speak can’t lie! Photographs don’t lie. The golf course isn’t a muddy mess, it’s the heaps, mounds, of uncontrolled landfill on the old first fairway that are a muddy, dangerous slipping mess.

The issue isn’t accusations, just facts. The £4,500,000 isn’t made up, it’s an estimate from a quantity surveyor. The article isn’t about facilities for kids parks, or dog watering, it’s about the destruction of a perfectly adequate driving range for landfill royalties, and the destruction by landfill for royalties of a practice field used by many senior golfers to be replaced by a 9Hole junior academy course.

As for it being December [2020], there have been Decembers in every year since landfill dumping started in 2013. How many more Decembers does WLBC want to allow Serco Leisure Operating Ltd to correct what they haven’t done, “Breach of Condition Notice Reference E/2015/0223/BCN” against Serco Leisure Operating Limited that required compliance with stated conditions for the land at Beacon Park Golf Centre”?

See you with muddy boots in December 2021?

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