Accounting For Public NHS Money

From “The Self-Claimed CCG Accountability Officer For The People Of West Lancashire [Part Time and Free]”

For those who don’t know Barrie French, he writes to the Champion, and he writes to the westlancashirerecord. Just pop his name in the search facility. His speciality is the West Lancashire Clinical Commissioning Group, with which he has issues. And, because of Barrie French, so should we.

He’s been looking at the CCG monthly spending, and the Virgin Care “payments” that just inform us of what we pay them. He tells us the CCG has given new contracts to them ie care hubs, out of hours service, and a clinical assessment service. He asks “can the CCG give us clarity on payments to each service, so we can see that the money is being spent as per the contract.

He lists Walk-in centres; District nurse service; Care hubs; Out of hours service; Call centre; Short intense support service [SISS] and Clinical assessment service [CAS]

These are services most of us use. They are outsourced. But we own them. So Barrie French has concerns about accountability. Don’t we all? We’ll bring more news from Barrie French as he gives details of his latest claims about how little CCG accountability is available to us.

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