The Beacon Park Golf Course Fraud Related To Knowsley Fraud

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We’ve been asked again how WLBC officers should have known there was a fraud link from Knowsley to the Beacon Park Golf Course development. As reported in the Liverpool Echo “A Fazakerley playing field transformation was not in line with planning permission”.

“A project to transform an empty patch of land into a sports and nature park may be breaching planning permission. Knowsley Council councillors will meet to discuss taking enforcement action against those in charge of the ambitious plans for Fazakerley playing fields in Longmoor Lane.

“Yorkshire-based UK Sports Parks Plc [Director Mr Jonathan Russell Snellgrove] was given the green light in 2009 to transform the fields, which were empty apart from a single goalpost, into a new community park.

“Plans included four junior football pitches with changing rooms and offices, a fishing lake, reed bed, winter garden and a car park. But according to a report due to be presented to Knowsley’s planning committee, the transformation is not being carried out in accordance with approved plans”.
Knowsley Council duly enforced, prosecuted, won, at Liverpool Magistrates Court, £9,000 fine, nobody attended, conviction & fine still outstanding.

The link, of course, to UK Sports Parks plc, and or UK Sports Parks Ltd. Company number 06874084? Mr Jonathan Russell Snellgrove Director and Company Secretary applied for and received planning permission from WLBC with Oakland Golf & Leisure Ltd. Was it a case of simple neglect of duty? To think otherwise is to think of corruption.

Who thinks a seven year period from first dumping of landfill on Beacon Park Golf Course to this

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Is acceptable for West Lancashire golfers?

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