Golf Mates Update On Beacon Park Golf Course

Golf Mates wrote “This is a golf course that was once a thriving community and has been completely destroyed by landfill for the financial benefits it comes with. This is Beacon Park Golf Course in Skelmersdale. We met with a local campaigner Alan who told us about what has happened to this golf course! This is not the usual golf club review or golf tips on how to hit driver straight! This is a very interesting story!”

The report has recorded 40,010 views, and has received 969 comments. It’s gone worldwide, which might be a nightmare for WLBC. Michael Stokes wrote “I was a member for 10 years and suffered in all that time! In the last couple of years I was the captain of the Seniors, and after winning the South West Lancs league as was said we were refused entry to the league! It was a thriving club, great for the community. Serco and West Lancs you should be ashamed of yourselves! Somebody has made a fortune out of our misery! Absolutely stinks!!”

To have been red carded for being vexatious enough to seek the truth is an honour, being from this sordid council. I can’t speak for Rosie Cooper but she might feel the same, as she regrets being unable to support me on this matter.

I can’t fully describe the pleasure I feel for being supported by Golf Mates and its community. They are wonderful caring people, the exact opposite of the WLBC planning and leisure communities that ignored VAT fraudsters, landfill royalty looters, and now cowardly hide from the search for evidence behind S14 of the Freedom of Information Act.

Somebody knows where the royalties went, via companies named in WLBC documents, including “Oaklands” as mentioned in WLBC Committee minutes. And an “Oaklands” director who received a planning permission yet never met a WLBC Leisure Assistant Director until proof of a meeting was discovered and confirmed by the WLBC Director of Leisure.

The knowledge that 40,010 Golf Mates have seen what Beacon Park Golf Course is like, today, gives hope of a whistle-blower who will provide, confidentially, evidence for a judicial review of this sorry chapter in the history of our borough.

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