Not In Our Tory Fields?

A controversial Tory planning formula which Tory MPs feared would have led to fields in Tory southern England being concreted over has been scrapped after Tory MPs pressured Tory ministers.

Tory Theresa May and Tory Jeremy Hunt led a Tory revolt against the Tory algorithm, which worked out how many homes were needed in different parts of the country to meet a national target of 300,000 a year. Last night Tory Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick announced the Tory algorithm had been tweaked to ensure that more homes were built in urban areas and in the North.

Tory MP Bob Seely said “It’s very good news that more homes are planned for northern cities, many of which have suffered population declines in the past 50 years especially as locations such as my Tory constituency of the Isle of Wight have increased our populations significantly and at, frankly, an unsustainable rate”.

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