Slip Sliding To Disaster?

Had you ventured onto the Beacon Park Golf Course today, perhaps to play a round of golf, or perhaps being a Skelmersdale borough councillor merely to check what 7 years of active “development” by Serco Leisure Operating Ltd has delivered to golfers and taxpayers in West Lancashire, you may have wondered if there is a speciality golf course designer working to either improve the facility or, evidently, simply to destroy it.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is beaconmud14121.jpg

But what should be of concern to those Skelmersdale councillors is the risk to the lives of their, or visiting, residents. Safety, surely a paramount concern for any leisure facility flogged off to the likes of Serco, is invisible. Mud-heaps are lining the approaches to the first tee at the Beacon Park Golf Course. Heavy rain is making the mud slip and slide dangerously towards the pedestrianised temporary route to the first tee.
See the inches deep pools of water below.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is beaconmud14122.jpg

The sad state of affairs at this borough leisure facility is one riven with neglect. It’s clearly a WLBC management problem. Who takes responsibility for what you see?

In any such fluid situation, uncontrolled slippage, bunding should be used to contain the risk. There is no evidence of bunding.

Now, WLBC officers offended for being held to account for the Beacon Park Golf Course landfill mess might be better employed looking at the Health and Safety issues of heavy rain and the possible repercussions. Mud and sand on black plastic leading to grass growing on it, below, is a possible recipe for disaster.

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