The Road Monster Racers Are Back

A week ago we wrote about a road monster in Halsall. Now we are writing about another road monster…in Halsall. It’s becoming a habit! Reporting the damage is becoming a habit!

From our source in Halsall “On the early evening of Friday 11th Dec 2020 a large recovery truck carrying a car which is clearly well above the 7.5 ton road weight limit crashed into a parked car on Moss Rd.

“The driver failed to stop and continued his journey regardless of the damage they caused (see photo below).

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is smashhalsall.jpg

“Luckily this incident was caught on CCTV, Lancashire Police were informed and by mid Saturday a vehicle recovery company called CPS Recovery, based at Abby Lane Industrial Estate Burscough L40 7SR, admitted that one of their vehicles was involved in an accident. This time the person who caused this damage has been found. However this is one of a large number of similar incidents where HGVs have collided with stationary cars and have simply driven off and not been traced!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is videohalsall1.jpg

“By viewing the CCTV footage, the truck appears to be travelling at speed and seems to be travelling well above the 30 mph limit which may be why the driver had issues controlling the truck and may explain why the driver didn’t stop?

“The damaged car has been classified as a write off and the owner has now got the hassle dealing with insurance companies and the loss of transportation whilst they deal with the claim however, they are lucky that the incident was caught on CCTV and the driver found unlike many residents of Moss Rd who through no fault of their own have has their vehicles damaged and endured the financial loss.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is cpsrecovery2.jpg

“CPS is one of a number of local and national companies that regularly use the illegal “rat run” by their HGV class vehicles through Moss Road during the day and night something that has been constantly highlighted by Halsall Parish Council and the Moss Rd residents group for a long time now requesting action to be taken by Lancashire Police and Lancashire County Council Highways Department to no avail, however we are seriously concerned that soon it will be the loss of human life rather than the loss of another vehicle unless pro-active action by all authorities concerned is conducted, now!”

Reading about impacts, this, below, is the caption used by CPS Recovery
“Here at cps recovery, we understand how much of an impact vehicle accidents can have, that’s why we do our best to provide you with the best customer service to ensure you feel as safe as possible”.

Looks like its back to training for the latest road monster driver?

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