Drains Experts? Persimmon?

Named Britain’s worst builder again after criticism over “shoddy workmanship’ and fat cat pay.

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The house-builder was recently awarded three stars out of five by the Home Builders Federation for the fourth year in a row. Now, Rosie Cooper has succeeded in bringing about drainage repair works on Mill Lane in Burscough following protracted correspondence with both Lancashire County Council and developer Persimmon Homes.

After the heavy flooding in August this year, which forced some residents of Mill Lane out of their homes, Rosie formally wrote to LCC, Persimmon and United Utilities also to request a full investigation and remedial works.

The council confirmed two gullies had been cut off and would not run as they have damaged connections. LCC suspected the connections were damaged during the ground work for the Persimmon development.

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“I am pleased that repair works to gullies believed to have been damaged by Persimmon are now underway. This should never have happened in the first place but Persimmon have now agreed to provide a financial contribution to cover the cost of the works which will be undertaken by LCC.

“I am told that works commenced on Monday and are scheduled for completion on 18 December. While these works alone will not resolve the Burscough-wide flooding issues, I hope this will alleviate flooding in this area, relieve some pressure on the wider system and I will continue to demand United Utilities invest in infrastructure upgrade in Burscough.”

Persimmon received a rating of 1.16 out of 5 from 108 reviews of its buyers. Looks like it gets 0 out of 10 from Rosie Cooper for its drains?

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