Another Rebuke From The WLBC Officer Classes

It seems the level of anger against criticism from the WLBC officer classes about the saga of the Beacon Park Golf Course royalty swindle is growing into farce. Seemingly desperate to direct attention away from the illegal landfill that started 7 years ago they claim it’s a distraction from the “Council’s Core Functions”. The core functions as stated by WLBC being “adequate street trading, licensing, development control, building control, environmental health, street parking, traffic regulation, housing and waste collection”.

When did you, readers, notice any difference in those functions, those services? And, strangely enough, Leisure Services, including the Beacon Park Golf Course, are not, apparently, a WLBC core service. Discrimination starts here then.

The WLBC Officer Classes wrote to Rosie Cooper MP who sent me their memo. It includes

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So In reply to Rosie I wrote “Thank you for copying to me the WLBC letter received today in which I see you have been addressed as “Dear Rt.Hon. Rosie Cooper MP” by the “Governance and FOI Officer for the Business Intelligence & Development Team, West Lancashire Borough Council”, and I wonder if and when you have become a Privy Counsellor? [Rosie seen below on the back benches, as usual]

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“It seems to have passed me by that during your illustrious career as a Member of Parliament you have, apparently, served as a cabinet minister in a government, a post you have surely earned? But of course WLBC Governance and FOI Officers know far more about these matters than we mere taxpayers?

“Be that as it may, I’m sorry to read of WLBC reiterating its accusations I have been vexatious in making requests about the Beacon Park Golf Course and the flawed, illegal, landfill contractual arrangements allowed by West Lancashire Borough Council, Serco Leisure Operations Ltd, and Oaklands Golf & Leisure Ltd.

“I’d have thought that exposing flawed, illegal, fraudulent, landfill for royalties contractual arrangements whereby massive amounts of royalties have been laundered through various beneficiaries other than taxpayers, all sadly treated with incompetence and disdain by WLBC, would be welcome.

“And I note a new “vexatious offence”, that “the length and overlapping nature of the requests have been a distraction from the Council’s core functions”. Is it really my determination to expose the landfill fraud that has distracted Council from providing adequate street trading, licensing, development control, building control, environmental health, street parking, traffic regulation, housing and waste collection and any other core function for its area?

“I suppose it has never, in the seven years since the first landfill arrived at the Beacon Park Golf Course, occurred to WLBC to simply tell the truth, as once would have been enough. WLBC could have explained why they did not comply with their own demand for “Experience in producing Leisure Strategies – i.e. the bidder’s experience in producing Leisure Strategies (including the use of Facilities Planning Model Study) similar to the one required by this Quotation Briefing Note all as submitted with their quotation, (or the Bidder’s proposals as to how they intend compensate for the lack of such experience and/or knowledge) will be scored out of 100 and the score weighted by a factor of 10%, the product of this calculation will be known as the “Experience in Leisure Strategies score”.

“How could the VAT fraudsters in control of DCT Leisure Ltd and Oakland Golf and Leisure Ltd have avoided such scrutiny? Then Head of Leisure and Cultural Services John Nelson stated 5 November 2015 “Contractors started on site in November 2013. The first sections of topsoil were moved back and deliveries of the inert materials commenced at the end of November 2013. The information regarding number of deliveries is not available. WLBC do not have a contract with Oaklands and would not be part of any verification or competency assessment of the company. This assessment was undertaken by Serco Leisure Operating Limited”.

“Why have you and I not received the Serco Leisure Operating Limited assessment and the apparent validation that John Nelson admitted to knowing about? Perhaps this evidence would be invaluable in helping the tax-paying owners of the Beacon Park Golf Course to understand why, of an independent surveyor’s estimated £4,500,000 landfill royalty created, not one penny came to the borough treasury?

“I’ve copied this to the WLBC Chief Operating Officer to be helpful, which might earn me a rebuke although, perish the thought, I am not asking vexatiously for anything from her. I know far more about this scandal than WLBC could ever have imagined”.

The WLBC “Officer Classes” consist of 21 employees in salary bands of £50,000 to £110,000 – £114,999 [Source West Lancashire Borough Council Statement of Accounts 2019/20]. Exit package costs were £1,937,000 for the higher band officers.

Yet for all the high wages, the officers are not infallible. Especially some past employees! And some have been useless, and clueless. The state of the Beacon Park Golf Course proves it. And, if I am to believe golf is to be played on “regulation” maintained courses, when will the core function of mowing the fairways at the afore mentioned Beacon Park Golf Course take place again? January 2021?

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