It’s Never Too Early To Apply For A Postal Vote, Apparently?

This is the borough council that wastes money on useless councillor representation, spending ludicrous amounts on councillor “refresher courses”; on spending £800 on advice from Counsel to keep in place a councillor who was within one day of six months absence and thus removed from office, already having been paid her publicly funded allowances; on paying a councillor full allowances for living and working in London; on failing its commitment to reduce councillor numbers by one third as promised; on retaining Serco as “Leisure Services” provider knowing of its association with VAT-corrupt sub-contractors at the Beacon Park Golf Course landfill royalty swindle.

This is a council that abuses taxpayers by its waste of taxes, by allowing the Beacon Park Golf Course conviction of Serco by its own borough solicitor to be over-ruled and “regularised” by its planners.

It’s the borough council that paid sums of officer redundancy payouts that are mind boggling to the average council tax payer. And it is the borough council whose officers decide members of the public who challenge the mal-practice, seeking the truth, must be declared to be vexatious.

Poor darlings! Who can think of a council employing a drainage officer who seems to have been neutered while flood waters swirl around and inside the homes and businesses of council tax payers?

Perhaps it will be a case of “None of the above” whenever democracy resumes?

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