The Pithy Thoughts Of Austin Mitchell And Others

Austin Mitchell

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Writer & broadcaster. MP for Great Grimsby 1977-2015 Working for power for the North and electoral reform in 2020, writes

“The EU will not trade with any country which does not accept EU standards on worker’s rights, state aid and environmental sustainability. Except China, Korea, USA, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India and Japan.

“Sulking remainers want the best possible Brexit terms for the EU and the worst possible for Britain to keep it shackled to a union they love more than their own country. Just to prove they were right all along.

“Scottish home rule when Britain leaves the EU will mean a customs border, Scottish EU membership dues, the loss of all Westminster subsidies, a requirement to join the Euro in five years, and accept a designated number of refugees. Sounds appetising”.

While John Redwood

tells us “No Deal Is Still Better Than A Bad Deal

“The EU negotiations have been made deliberately complex by the EU. Beneath all the obfuscation and deliberate efforts to dilute, delay or cancel Brexit, there is a simple disagreement. The UK says we will be an independent country like Australia or Canada. We offer a Free Trade Agreement which helps both, offering more to the EU as they are in huge surplus on trade.

“The EU says we need to be bound into their laws and controls, and surrender our fish if we want a Free Trade Agreement. In that case the answer must be No Deal. We should not compromise our independence”.

And while we drag ourselves out of the EU, could we consider what is right for England, as we remember what Scotland declared for independence?

A Parliament for England? Why not?

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