Protect Our NHS

Not being in favour of an unelected House of Lords, or Lards, as in highly paid mostly skiving lard arses, it came as a surprise to learn they stayed up until midnight to vote to PROTECT OUR NHS from trade deals.

315,000 of us had signed a petition handed in by “We Own It” and 21,000 of us signed letters to Lords. Hundreds more took action to contact crossbench Lords.

And now the House of Lords has sent the House of Commons a crystal clear message, to PROTECT OUR NHS. YOU, WE, WON! This is an amazing result. The government tried to persuade Lords not to vote to protect our NHS. But they were won over.

Now there four weeks to ramp up the fight in the House of Commons to push MPs to protect our NHS. So many people love our NHS. Most of us want to live in a country where nurses, doctors and healthcare staff are respected and valued, and where we can all rely on the NHS to work for people not profit.

But we know our NHS is already being privatised piece by piece. It’s already being opened up to US healthcare companies. Trade deals could make that worse, locking in privatisation and leading to a risk of higher drug prices.

That’s why it’s so vital that we all fight back now and tell the truth LOUDLY that our NHS is on the table already. It’s time to take it off and give it the protection it deserves. Full protection from trade deals.

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Now we’ve got a month to go until the Trade Bill is back in the Commons. Help us get ready for the final push. The government has spin doctors but we’ve got YOU on our side, ready to protect our NHS at this crucial time. Who the hell wants Virgin Care in West Lancashire? Write to Rosie Cooper and ask her to vote for the NHS.

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