From United Utilities-Wastewater Flooding

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Heavy rainfall across the North West may be causing flooding in some parts of the region. Our teams are out across the North West helping customers who have experienced sewer flooding in their homes.

“If you’re experiencing flooding from a road or footpath and there is no evidence of sewage (toilet paper etc.) please report this to your local council, who are responsible for highways drainage flooding.

“Please take a look at our flooding page for further advice on what to do if you’re affected by flooding.

“Wastewater Flooding. We understand how unpleasant flooding can be and how much distress it can cause. We’re here to help you get back to normal as quickly as possible and make sure you know who to go to for help if you are affected.

“Not all flooding is the result of problems with our sewers. In fact, a lot isn’t. Understanding what type of flooding is affecting you – and how to protect yourself – can be complicated. The Flood Hub can help. It’s a new website developed for the North West to help homeowners, businesses, communities and landowners manage their flood risk and become more flood resilient”.

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