If You Need A Reminder About Beacon Park Golf Course

There is a great deal of interest from the golfing fraternity in the Beacon Park Golf Course landfill scandal. Municipal owned golf courses are closing, councils won’t commit council tax for seniors’ golf while doing so for seniors’ swimming and gyms. It’s discrimination, plain and simple. Choose the wrong exercise and you lose your equality rights. Never mind about cockroaches in the Serco managed Park Pool!

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“After all, it is not the golf club members nor West Lancashire Borough Council taxpayers who have benefited from the money paid to dump rubble at the golf course” said Rosie Cooper MP.

30th October, 2018 “West Lancashire MP Rosie Cooper met with golfers at Beacon Park Golf Course (above) on Friday to hear of their continued frustration with Serco.
Members are concerned, following West Lancashire Borough Council’s serving of a breach of condition notice to Serco, that further disruption will be caused to the club and the course.

“The breach of condition notice is set to force Serco to move the rubble from its current location on the old driving range to another part of the golf course, which could change the course spec.

“The Seniors in particular, who last year won the league, believe this will scupper any chance they have of competing in this year’s South West Lancashire League, as alterations made will mean the course specifications may not meet CONGU (Council Of National Golf Unions) rules.

Rosie said
“The members have long suffered because they believe the council did not properly supervise Serco and their sub contractors during the contract to reprofile parts of the course which has led to mountains of rubble being dumped. The members may now be faced with being unable to compete in the CONGU league if the course is reduced as some holes are unplayable as rubble is being transferred to another part of the course.

“The message from the golfers is clear, that they do not want any further disruption, and if Serco have breached their planning conditions by filling the mounds too high then it is their responsibility to remove it from the course altogether and pay for its disposal elsewhere.

“After all, it is not the golf club members nor West Lancashire Borough Council taxpayers who have benefited from the money paid to dump rubble at the golf course”.

Beacon Park Golf Cub Seniors Captain, Mike Collins said “All we want is for an end to the many years of messing around from Serco and the Council and let us get back to what we enjoy and do well playing golf. We are grateful for Rosie’s support in this and coming up to meet with our members really meant a lot to show that someone actually cares about the way this whole situation has been mishandled.

“Hopefully Serco and the Council can come to some conclusion now which means we can get on with preparations for the season ahead”.

Sadly, if Rosie went back in December 2020 there wouldn’t be enough seniors for her to meet, not even for a last waltz around the mud and rubble. They’ve gone, to other clubs while WLBC has been so embarrassed by the continual probing for the truth about the landfill royalties and the VAT returns, its officers have given out red cards for vexatious behaviour, and Serco is left with a white (muddy) elephant.

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They’ve reopened the course. They stated “We are excited to be reopening tomorrow, from 9am-3pm daily. Our toilets will be open, however our café will remain closed for now. We appreciate your patience while our team work under the new guidelines to keep all our members and team safe”.

We’ve heard their “team” is bigger than the number of “seniors” who want to play there. On the Serco facebook you can read comments that Serco itself willingly published that “Greens in absolute shocking condition. Grass just off fairways too long, so many of us lost balls that were just a few feet wide as grass just swallows them up, will not go back until course is fit for purpose”. And “Absolute dump, avoid at all costs, we paid £12, which makes it about £11.50 overpriced!!! #buildingsite”.

And as was related in November 2018 “Meanwhile a quantity surveyor for a construction company estimated that the 40,000 cubic metres of excess landfill which now has to be removed, already having generated royalties, delivered on a lorry carrying 8.5 cubic metres per load, would have involved 4,706 lorry loads of excess landfill on the driving range. At £200 per load suggests royalty creation of £941,200. Extending the calculation to 23,375 HGVs suggests royalty creation of £4,675,000. Where is it? Who knows, but that’s the next task for those who intend to find out!”

And the search goes on. Forensic accountants find financial evidence that can’t easily be hidden or deleted.
Just wait and see.

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