WLBC Wins A Council Tax Lottery Prize?

We West Lancashire residents are likely to be hit with a council tax rise of up to 5 per cent in April, despite the pressures already being felt by so many of us because of the Covid pandemic. Chancellor Rishi Sunak has given cash-strapped councils permission to increase bills higher than the rate of inflation as part of his Spending Review.

The council is barred by the Government from setting the basic council tax increase higher than 2 per cent. If they want to increase bills further, it would need a referendum of local electors, which they would be certain to lose.

But the Chancellor has also told councils that they can impose an additional 3 per cent increase with the money being ring fenced for social care, without requiring a referendum. Councils across Lancashire have been hit hard by the Covid crisis both in terms of money they have had to pay out to support people and huge losses of income for things like car parking charges.

This could only be justified if WLBC comes clean on the true facts of reserves held, useable and or allocated, as we have tried to extract. “Up to 5%” won’t mean 2.1%, you be sure of it!

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