Progress At The Boathouse Sluice

West Lancashire MP Rosie Cooper has received written and photographic confirmation from the Environment Agency of work carried out to clear the Boathouse Sluice in Burscough. Local residents and Burscough Flooding Group raised the issue with Rosie that the Environment Agency or United Utilities were not undertaking clearance work on the Sluice which may have been contributing to flooding in parts of Burscough.

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Rosie wrote to the agencies seeking clarification on who is responsible, as the main river travels alongside UU’s wastewater treatment works, and which residents claim has not been maintained for 30 years.

She said “It was clear from the video footage sent to me that the Boathouse Sluice watercourse was overgrown with hedges and shrub and hadn’t been recently maintained or cleared. I contacted both the Environment Agency and United Utilities to ask who was responsible for this length of watercourse, and to get on with carrying out the work required of them.

“From the responses, both EA and UU agreed that it was the EA’s responsibility to maintain this stretch of ordinary watercourse and they committed to clearing it. I am pleased that the work has been completed and they have provided photographs to show the extent of the work undertaken.

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“This alone will not resolve Burscough’s flooding issues but is another part of the pressure on the wider system that has been resolved, and the EA must now ensure they continue to maintain it in future”. All we need now is a continuing programme of work to keep it clear.

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