Hullo, It’s Me Again

I’d be lost for words if it wasn’t someone else writing this for me. It’s this new woke stuff, whatever that is! Apparently “woke” means being aware of what’s going on in our community, doesn’t it? Relating to social injustice! As if there is any in my local Tory party, which, naturally, I lead.

But along comes O’Toole-ism, full of disclosures we didn’t want the wokes to become aware of. Consciousness, being aware of the truth, about the systematic flooding of the plebs, they’ll be suing us next!

But don’t worry, you won’t hear about this from me anymore. It’s been O’Tooled. He’s been banished

He’s quite posh really. The O’Toole family are derived from Tuathal, who was King of Leinster in the 10th century. They were once one of the great septs, or clans, of Leinster. Tuathal means “mighty people” and did you know that Laurence O’Toole is the patron saint of Dublin?

And of course there was Peter O’Toole, the Irish-English actor. He starred in a movie “Goodbye Mr Chips”. Well, as far as I’m, concerned it’s a case of “Goodbye O’Toole-ism” and the sooner the better!

Oh no! He’s back!

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