Road Monster Spotted In Halsall

Angry residents from Moss Road, Halsall have yet again contacted their Parish Council regarding contractor’s vehicles arriving and departing the construction site on the Birkdale Cop Road. The latest and most disturbing incident was a HGV, registration number GB18 VEP owed by Van Elle Ltd (see photo below) which drove through Moss Road on 30th November 2020.

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The HPC writes “The vehicle registration and company details can be confirmed via site entry and access logs from the site office. I think we can safely assume that this vehicle exceeds the 7 1/2 ton road weight limit by a considerable amount and is one of a number of ever increasing infringements of HGV’s abusing the road weight restrictions emanating from the housing development.

“On investigation, we believe this HGV is from Van Elle’s depot located at the Genesis Centre, Garrett Field, Birchwood, Warrington, WA3 7BH. The blatant abuse of weight restrictions on Moss Road together with contractors ignoring site traffic management plans and planning conditions is making life for residents in this area a misery and appropriate Police action is unfortunately very necessary.

“We hope Lancashire Police will conduct a full investigation and an appropriate prosecution and licence endorsement being the outcome.

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“What can Lancashire Police do in the short term to enforce the weight restriction on Moss Road to reduce HGV infringements?”

Perhaps the answer lies with the willingness or not of the Lancashire Constabulary to act on evidence supplied by the public? They do use checkpoints.

When will they use them on Moss Road in Halsall? The evidence is there, the public have provided it. We hope to publish details of a successful prosecution of the firm and driver in due course.

They prosecute for drink drive, what’s the difference in risk to lives?

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