The Serco Creed

In February 2017, in the fourth year of the great Beacon Park Golf Course landfill royalty swindle, we read about the Serco creed. It makes wonderful pantomime script.

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“Serco-Our culture is based on a set of four values – Trust, Care, Innovation, Pride – that shape our individual behaviours and hence the way the company behaves. They ensure we are all working from a commonly understood base that can be consistently applied across our organisation.

Trust us…with your golf course

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“Our values need to be lived every day, used to help us work through any challenges we may face and help us recognise and celebrate our achievements. They guide us in our dealings with colleagues, customers, suppliers, partners, shareholders and the communities we serve. It is important that we hold ourselves and others accountable for our values every day and have defined a set of behaviours that are expected from all of us. They describe how our behaviours bring Serco’s values to life.

We care…about your golf course

“There are also some additional expectations for those of us who have a responsibility for managing people as well as our leaders. Joint venture partners-Serco is involved in a number of joint ventures with commercial partners and customers. Strong relationships, based on mutual trust and respect and clarity of roles, are essential ingredients if a joint venture is to deliver excellent customer service.

An innovation…on your golf course
, mud, glorious mud.

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“Our divisional management teams are responsible for relationships with our joint venture partners, supported by members of the Executive Committee and Board as appropriate. This includes holding regular strategy and review meetings with our partners. As with our suppliers, we continue to enhance the systems and processes to seek to ensure that our joint venture partners meet the standards we have set ourselves in our policies and through our values.

Our pride…in your golf course, it’s like no other!

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“Strategic partners-We often deliver services as part of a consortium, either as prime contractor or as a subcontractor. This allows us to bring together companies with the skills to meet the precise requirements of a bid. This includes working with voluntary sector organisations, which often lack the scale and experience to access major government programmes. Responsibility for relationships with our strategic partners lies with the relevant contract and divisional management”.

Our partners, Oakland Golf & Leisure Ltd, have been and gone, just like the landfill royalties. Mission accomplished, our values intact.

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